Jenni’s Uncensored Pennies

Jenni’s Uncensored Pennies is hosted by Jennifer Marie Martinez, a Latina, 3rd generation Texan living in California. It is co-hosted by her partner and producer of the show, Adam Herrera. Together, they share their unique perspectives on their experiences, ranging from working in social services, family dynamics, parenting, and even childhood traumas.Their conversations are casual, unscripted, and unrehearsed, creating an authentic and relaxed atmosphere that makes listeners feel like they’re eavesdropping on a genuine conversation. On occasion, Jennifer invites members from her “tribe” to provide additional insights on the topics discussed to join the bi-weekly conversations.

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5 days ago

Join Jennifer Marie Martinez and Adam Herrera for an exclusive episode of Jenni's Uncensored Pennies. This thought-provoking episode explores our need for speed, encouraging a slower, more mindful approach to daily life. Drawing inspiration from Adam Sandler's movie, Click, Jennifer and Adam discuss how to balance work, family, and self-care amidst our constant race against time.
Sharing personal reflections, both hosts offer practical suggestions for embracing 'me time', fostering better work-life balance, and placing value on personal moments. From Jennifer's heartfelt stories about cherishing time with her son to Adam's mindful morning rituals, our hosts provide relatable and realistic ideas for living a more intentional life.
The discussion takes a deeper dive into the frenetic lifestyle of big cities like LA and Camry, and its contrast with the laid-back culture of Texas. Themes of aging, fear of missing out, and perceived time pressures are also carefully explored, highlighting the effect of chronic stress and overstimulation on our lives.
From exploring parenthood and personal relationships to discussing popular culture and societal norms, this episode serves as a mindful reminder of the simple pleasures of life. Tune in for a heartening discussion full of humor, honesty, wisdom, and practical ways to savor the little moments that make life truly worth living.

Monday May 13, 2024

Welcome back to another episode of Jenni’s Uncensored Pennies. Today's topic is all about slowing down and being more present in our busy, chaotic lives. We've all experienced that overwhelming feeling of time whizzing by so fast it feels like New Year's Eve was just yesterday. Amidst this whirlwind, I've been trying to explore ways on how to slow down and savour the present.
Through discussions with my therapist and a lot of self-reflection, one solution I’ve found is to take time for oneself, disconnecting from the hypnotizing world of digital devices. In a world where we are always surrounded by technology, deliberately disconnecting can actually feel liberating. Spending quality time with family, friends, loved ones and savouring those moments contribute significantly to slowing our lives down. Moreover, the practice of mindfulness and meditation further aids in grounding us in the present.
An overlooked aspect which often accelerates our perception of time is our consumption of alcohol. While it's common to grab a beer after a gruelling week at work, it sometimes makes the weekend fly by. Reducing alcohol intake, especially during social gatherings, can help us remain more present and genuinely enjoy our time.
So here’s to slowing down and truly living in the present moment. After all, time will keep on ticking, and it's up to us to make the most of it. I hope this episode lends some beneficial insights. Feel free to reach out on my Instagram @dj_adam_herrera. Wishing everyone a great week ahead. Stay tuned for more enlightening conversations on Jenni’s Uncensored Pennies.

Monday May 06, 2024

In this eye-opening episode of "Jenni's Uncensored Pennies", hosts Jennifer Marie Martinez and Adam Herrera address the urgent issue of the housing crisis. This detailed discussion not only highlights the decline in mental health caused by unstable housing conditions, especially in Southern California, but also sheds light on the painstaking processes linked to housing programs and assistance vouchers.
Drawing from insightful firsthand experiences and shocking housing statistics, the episode presents the harsh reality behind phrases like "homelessness" and "affordable housing". The hosts also grapple with effective solutions for the housing crisis while stressing on the importance of mental health in these tumultuous times.
Intertwining insightful advice and practical strategies, Jennifer and Adam encourage listeners to stay proactive and informed in their pursuit of affordable housing. This includes an early application for housing, cutting costs in other aspects of life, and utilizing assistance for utility payments. They also touch upon crucial independent resources like low-cost internet providers and living centers that aid the disabled.
The conversation also deconstructs the widespread stigma attached to affordable housing. The hosts explore difficulties in accessing the wealth of governmental support systems due to language barriers, fear of attention, and lack of awareness. They strongly advocate for proper knowledge and help to navigate through these often-confusing benefits systems, thereby preventing unattended issues.
The episode ends with an invitation for listeners to share their housing struggles and an offer for a 30-minute Zoom discussion. Highlighting empathy and inclusivity, this episode serves as a beacon of hope and guidance for those grappling with housing issues in challenging economic situations.

Monday Apr 29, 2024

Welcome to 'Jenni's Uncensored Pennies', where host Jennifer Marie Martinez bares all by exposing her turbulent past and her longing for a father's love and protection.
Jennifer bravely shares her harrowing story of abandonment, domestic violence, and sexual abuse, inviting listeners on a deep and personal exploration of her life.
This episode is an intimate view into Jennifer's life-transforming journey, outpouring strength and triumph over adversity. The unveiling of her past relationship and its inevitable connection with her father casts a deeper understanding of herself and her history. This compelling narrative strikes a chord, presenting an inspiring reflection on resilience and survival that resonates deeply with listeners.
*Trigger warning*: This episode dives head on into sensitive topics including emotional neglect, verbal abuse, and sexual abuse. Viewer discretion is advised. The podcast host explores the depth of pain when a romantic relationship ends drastically and her confrontation with deep-grounded feelings of abandonment.
She unearthed these deep-seated feelings during an unexpected interaction with her half-brother, leading to profound introspection and self-discovery. Through shared adversities, she embarks on a healing journey that leads to her developing greater self-worth and acceptance.
This ground-breaking episode resonates with raw honesty and inspiring resilience, perfectly encapsulating vulnerability, resilience, and the journey to self-love and acceptance. It serves as a powerful testament to the path of healing, acceptance, and valuing oneself against all odds.

Monday Apr 22, 2024

In this riveting episode of Jenni's Uncensored Pennies, the hosts Jennifer Marie Martinez and Adam Herrera delve into touchy subjects like domestic violence and child abuse.
Jenni embarks upon a courageous journey as she narrates her tale of growing up without a biological father and the resulting emotional turmoil.
Recounting her strained relationship with her biological father and the daunting struggle for financial aid, Jenni's heartfelt narration provides a glimpse into the aftermath of domestic abuse and financial battles. She emphasizes on openly discussing 'hard' topics and shares valuable insights about the significance of resolving past hardships.
Melting from anger to sympathy for her father, Jenni demystifies her childhood misunderstanding of him, and touches upon the power of self-realization and acceptance in healing and development. This episode offers an intriguing exploration of intricate family dynamics and the path to emotional recuperation.
Adding an unexpected twist, Jenni receives a surprising message from a previously unknown sibling. This leads to a wave of stunned reactions, skepticism, and a mix of emotions as she tries to understand this sudden revelation. The interaction involves tussled exchanges and the unsettling truth of a shared parent.
The narrative goes deeper into the contrasting perceptions of the term 'father' for both siblings, illustrating many people's differentiation between a biological father and the one who nurtures and supports them. This unexpected connection prompts Jenni to courageously confront unresolved issues with her father, paving the way for acceptance and healing.
This episode poignantly portrays the emotional toll of growing up with an alcoholic father, the harrowing effects of verbal and emotional abuse, and the struggle to find acceptance. It beautifully narrates the importance of finding new father figures and the value of unforced family ties.
Despite the daunting experiences of domestic violence, abuse, and divorce, it highlights the strength and resilience exhibited by Jenni, combined with an emphasis on the power of acknowledgment, acceptance, and determination. The conversation concludes on an optimistic note, underlining that everyone deserves love and the potential for change, no matter their past.
Tune in to understand a unique perspective and join the movement to break the stigma around revealing personal traumas.

Monday Apr 08, 2024

In this episode of Jenni's Uncensored Pennies, we delve into the profound impact of school-life experiences on individuals' lives. We discuss the inspirations that fuel educators, explore the reality of school safety practices, and relive personal school narratives rich with humor and awe.
With remarkable guests like Beverly Lowery, we share heartwarming stories that shaped the educators we have today, from pivotal childhood teachers to early religious teachings. The conversation further delves into the host's struggles with dyslexia, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the harsh realities of academic anxiety.
The episode takes a hard-turn to a grave aspect of modern education: the essentials and apprehensions surrounding lockdown drills. How do students, staff, and administration perceive these safety practices? The realism hits hard as first-hand accounts reveal the necessity and the discomfort these drills bring.
Personal anecdotes bring lightness to the episode, as we reflect on familial ambitions, attempts at class humor, and paths tread post-divorce. We also emphasize the need for better wages for teachers, as testimonies beneath their work-life balance reveal the extent of their personal investment in shaping students' lives.
Engrossed in the discussion about public and private schools, parental roles, and the hustle of school life, we find ourselves reflecting on our own school years. Locker checks, chores, and stringent rules unfurl memories of stern yet nurturing school environments.
Our narrative of school-life morphs into a transformative session as we remember the profound influence of meeting a Holocaust survivor, shaped perspectives on trauma, resilience, and aspirations to give back to the community. The episode concludes by inviting listeners to recall their own inspirational figures, reiterating the power of mentors in life.

Monday Apr 01, 2024

Welcome to a notable episode of Jenni's Uncensored Pennies, a thought-provoking discourse "Reflections: Invaluable Life Lessons for My Past Selves". Spirited by an earlier conversation with an educator, Jennifer delves into what she would say to her younger self, distilling a fountain of wisdom into impactful life lessons.
You will uncover Jennifer's sincere advice to her inner child, adolescent self, and young adult persona. Each stage of life shed new layers of understanding and growth. Therefore, the process of evolving through these different stages of life also serves as valuable insights for listeners.
This episode is not just introspective but therapeutic; As Jennifer dialogues, she navigates through the pivots, retracing her steps to the times of her inner child and adolescent years. There are revealing dialogues about learning to say 'No', underlining the dynamics of our relationships in our pursuit for kindness, love and acceptance.
Proceeding further into this journey of introspection, you will forge a connection with Jennifer as the losses and victories experienced during the journey to the present moments also become conspicuous.In retrospect, the authenticity of human experiences such as love, hope, heartbreak, grief, tragedy, injustice, and the psychological challenges therein make this episode a captivating earpiece.
Engage with 'Reflections: Invaluable Lessons for My Past Selves' to understand that our younger selves are teachers, guides, that helps to shape our contemporary perspectives. The treasures of wisdom shared in this episode are a message to everyone that life's journey integrates both lovely and unbecoming experiences, and we are not alone in navigating these complex life's mazes.
Connect with Jennifer! Reach out on Instagram via @jennies_pennies or send a text to 805-312-9116. Alternatively, visit Jennifer's website at
Remember, you are deserving, capable, loveable and always enough.

Monday Mar 25, 2024

Immerse yourself in this heartfelt episode of "Jenni's Uncensored Pennies" featuring Beverly Lowery, a remarkable single mom and teacher. Beverly's life is a classic tale of juggling parenthood and a teaching career while checking off another exciting item on her bucket list – becoming a children's book author. She engages us with compelling life stories, inspirations, struggles, and the impact of her third-grade teacher, Ms. Escobedo, who sparked her passion for teaching.
Beverly emphasizes the influence of a loving, empathic school environment in handling sensitive issues and molding perfectly balanced individuals. She offers insights into how her profession helps strike a harmony in her personal life and insists every moment is a life-long learning experience. Hear about her determination in academics, interruptions, her perspectives on students' attitudes in the digital age, and her struggle in maintaining a work-life balance.
Join us in our voyage with Beverly, where she candidly presents a teacher's perspective of American education. She addresses teachers' unvoiced struggles, systemic obstacles, undue emphasis on standardized testing, and the impact of Covid-19 on teaching environments. This episode is not only a reflection of her quest in handling students with varied backgrounds and learning abilities but also about fostering holistic educational development.
Dive deep into the tapestry of diverse cultures, the integration of technology in the classrooms, and the complexities of online world navigations. Beverly presents both sides of the coin, touching on benefits and challenges posed by technology, and how she tackles them. Understand her take on the reform needed in the education system, emphasizing respect for individuality and leveraging each child's unique skills.
Lastly, discover Beverly's aspirations to inspire her students beyond the classroom, as she steps into the shoes of a children's book author. This episode provokes essential discourse in the realm of modern education while painting a vivid picture of the transformational role education plays and the pivotal roles of our educators. It's an episode packed with wisdom, inspiration, depth, and serves to motivate anyone interested in education, parenthood, or life's pressures.

Wednesday Mar 20, 2024

Welcome to a fresh episode of Jenni's Uncensored Pennies. In this episode, we dive deep into the concept of 'Weekend Anxiety Syndrome' and how to navigate it. This is initiated by the apprehension of wanting to make the most of your weekend, worrying about striking a balance between self-care, relaxation, and productivity, amidst the fear of missing out.
We discuss how social media plays a role in exacerbating this anxiety by providing a highlight reel of other people's lives, leading to self-comparison and unwarranted pressure. The episode acknowledges how putting excessive pressure on ourselves to extract the maximum from our weekends can lead to heightened anxiety, especially if you juggle between a full-time job and a side hustle, just like me.
As a person managing a side hustle in DJing, Adam share's some personal insights into how demanding the need to perfectly execute weekend gigs can be. The build-up of anxiety culminates into a sense of relief once the gig is underway, hence showing how performance-related pressure augments 'Weekend Anxiety Syndrome'.
Continuous effort to disconnect from the social media frenzy, staying present, reducing the habit of overactive performance, and embracing the state of just 'being' instead of 'doing' are some of the proposed ways to mitigate this stress. Allowing time simply to be—on a beach, on your couch, or in the moment—can help reduce weekend stress.
The episode concludes with the importance of enjoying ourselves throughout the week and not packing all the leisure activities into the weekend, thus reducing the strain. The weekend doesn't solely have to bear the burden of delivering good times if we manage to spread joy and relaxation evenly throughout the week. Finally, we invite you to engage with us on Instagram @ DJ Adam Herrera and Jennifer @ jennis_pennies.
So, join us on this journey of self-discovery and exploration to make your weekends less of a panic and more of a pleasure. Peace Out!

Monday Mar 11, 2024

Welcome to another insightful episode of Jenni's Uncensored Pennies where we decode the common phenomenon, 'The Sunday Scaries'.
Our hosts, Jennifer Marie Martinez and Adam Herrera, delve deep into the anxiety and dread associated with the anticipation of the oncoming workweek. They begin by tracing the origin of this popular phrase and discussing its many manifestations, including other related terms like 'the Sunday Come Down' and 'the Case of the Mondays'. The episode also features Jennifer sharing personal anecdotes on the impact of the Sunday Scaries on working mothers and their Sundays.
This discussion validates the anxiety that is usually brushed off in the work world. The hosts recount their experiences with work complications, the dread that it brings, and speak about the tactical measures to alleviate these tensions. They shed light on maintaining work-life balance through mindful practices, such as meditation, and how an overall focus on personal well-being can significantly reduce the workweek stress.
Whether you are battling the Sunday Scaries or looking for ways to enhance your emotional stability during weekdays, this episode will give you a broader perspective on maintaining balance at work. With topics ranging from the benefits of remote working to adjusting work schedules, we highlight the opportunities and challenges in the modern work setting.
Journey with us on this episode as we approach overcoming the 'Sunday Scaries’ with optimistic mindsets, practical strategies, and helpful tips. Let's explore together how we can ease work-related fears, stoke the fires of motivation, and welcome the new week with open arms.


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